The noble clarion call hailed loud and clear

Find out what went down at the annual Clarion Cultural Festival.

It was all about the Grade Seven learners and their talent on October 26, at the Church of Johannesburg in Claremont. It was the annual Clarion Cultural Festival which like every year had seven schools participating.

Learners from the school sang, danced, and Newclare Primary School rendered a drama piece at the end of the festival to raise awareness about bullying at schools.

The seven schools which entered the annual festival were; Dowling Primary, Westbury Primary, Newclare Primary, Riverlea Primary, G.R Harris Primary, Bernard Isaacs Primary and Everest Primary Schools.

Anthea Khan, one of the first teachers who started with the Clarion in the 80’s, said, “We started it to give the children a chance to showcase their God-given talents.

“We plan that every year we have a festival where schools render items. Its either dances or singing or drama. The teachers work very hard to deliver good quality items. The whole idea is to motivate the children to be confident and to use their talents and to also develop their skills in this area.”

From the seven schools, there are three or two representatives who are held accountable for their learners and the items.

“I was sitting here tonight and for the first time I was not the MC, I was so relieved as I watched and enjoyed the evening. Tonight’s items were of very good quality. I am very pleased to see how hard the teachers have worked to put everything together,” said Khan.

Khan is a former Dowling Primary School teacher who recently been assisting at private schools following her retirement from the teaching profession.

Khan is now retiring from the Clarion with her close friend, Annatjie de Meyer. The two said that they would always be a part of the Clarion Festival even in retirement.

A quote by E.A Bucchianeri on the programme, read: ‘Since art is considered a noble field, art should be used to promote all that is good and noble, and in a noble fashion’. And the festival was indeed a noble one.


Riverlea Primary girls doing a spiritual dance.

Westbury Primary girls.

Riverlea Primary learners on stage.

Riverlea Primary learners during their dance.

Dowling Primary learners performing ‘Down low’ on stage.

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