More to reading than just the words

There's a Signature Library at Kholwani Primary School.

Since the launch of the Signature Library at Kholwani Primary School, the library has gotten recognition on a provincial platform.

The library along with the brains behind it Musa Mbele Radebe have been awarded the Best School project-Tanzania in the Gauteng Province by the Department of Education.

Started as a creative way to make a difference, the library consists of a collection of books that are classified by the signatures they bare.
Musa has personally collected at least four signed books from prominent people with the idea that their signatures bare weight and substance.

“The idea was to target the lack of role models amongst youth and to encourage young people to read more books.

“So when you visit the library and you find a book you like, it is most likely that it has been signed by a famous individual who you either admire or you resonate with their principals,” said Mbele.

Other than reading, the library also has a museum section where paintings and artworks that have different meanings are displayed.

“The museum serves as a section to preserve culture and has numerous objects that tell a story. The glassed chimney, for example, has some historical significance while the painted bins are a symbol of collective cultures that are housed by the school.

“The paintings themselves have a story behind them and some of them are actually numbers that come together to form a picture, such artworks form an investment for the library itself,” said Musa.

Musa Mbele showing some of the book collection.

Musa Mbele showing his award and favourite book.

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