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Gang flee after early morning shootout with cops in Dube

No arrests have been made yet. Police are still investigating the matter.

Police have made a breakthrough in recovering a Land Rover, pistols and an AK47 believed to have been used for serious and violent crimes including hijackings and business robberies.

Four suspects suspected to be gang members fled following a high-speed chase and shootout with members of the Soweto Flying Squad near Dube Railway Station in the early hours of this morning.

A suspicious vehicle with four suspects was spotted by members of the Flying Squad who were on routine patrols.

As they confronted the vehicle, it sped off and a shootout ensued. The suspects managed to abandon the vehicle and fled on foot.

A high-density operation is being conducted around the area of Dube in Soweto to trace the suspects.

On further investigation, it was discovered that the vehicle had been hijacked in Honeydew during 2016. Two pistols and an AK47 were recovered inside the vehicle.

Forensic investigation that is being conducted at the scene on firearms and the vehicle may lead to the identification of the suspects.

Police officers did not sustain any injuries during the shootout.

The police car with bullet holes.

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