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Eldos residents cast their votes against crime and drugs

“It is extremely vital to vote because my vote represents my voice. I believe I have voted for the right party that will bring change to my community."

In line to make their imprint during the eagerly anticipated general elections on May 29, several voters at Missouri High School in Eldorado Park stressed the need for change in their respective communities.

The majority of them spoke of significant issues shared by the rest of South Africans. Issues that seemed to be on the top of the voter’s minds include crime, which they linked to the high unemployment rate and drugs.

One voter who shared these sentiments is 46-year-old Bafana Mabaso from Ext 7, Eldorado Park.

First time voter Fernandis Marrengula (22) cast his vote at Missouri High School, Eldorado Park, on May 29.

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He said the country was experiencing more or less the same problems, like crime, which is a big issue in Eldorado Park.

Mabaso said the challenges extend to poor service delivery, which impacts the daily lives of the people.

He pointed out the matter of storm water drains that are not serviced, saying the community struggles during the rainy season.

“As a community, we can do more for ourselves if we work together. We need to find a way to curb crime, and we are aware that lack of opportunities accelerates crime, especially amongst the youth,” Mabaso said.

A first-time voter, Fernandis Marrengula (22) from Slovo Park, Eldorado Park, voiced that what pushed him to go vote was because his community was affected by unemployment and crime.

He said as a first-time voter, he found the process seamless, and he would encourage the youth to make use of the opportunity to vote.

Charmaine Stuart and Yoland Brown (52) from EXT 7, Eldorado Park.

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“It is extremely vital to vote because my vote represents my voice. I believe I have voted for the right party that will bring change to my community,” said Marrengula.

A member of the Patriotic Alliance (PA) from Ward 18 in Ext 6, Eldorado Park, Meshe Habana (27) said since the PA came into power in their ward, it has been able to deliver services.

“The community is satisfied with the level of service delivery; however, if we get more support, we can do more,” said Habana.

As an individual who started voting in 2016, she appreciated the seamless process, citing that the queue was shorter, probably due to low voter turnout.

Yoland Brown (52) from Ext 7, Eldorado Park, said she hopes the party that comes out victorious will meet their needs.

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She said she currently lives with her sister because she has been applying for a house for the past 30 years without any success.

“It was a good feeling to vote; I did it to make a difference for people like myself, and I hope that the Department of Human Settlement will hear our plea.

“We also hope the government will address the issues of crime, drugs, and the safety of learners at schools,” Brown concluded.

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