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It’s Derby Day for Bosmont Football Association

A closer look at the Bosmont Local Football Association.

A seven-a-side game ran for the past two weeks at the Bosmont Local Football Association. In the words of the head coach Allister de Jongh, these game days were called ‘Derby days’.

Derby Day (Seven-a-side tournament) is an annual tournament that happens before the league starts for the past 40 years or so.

According to de Jongh, the purpose of these games is just to assist the coaches to get their teams into order, also for them to see if they need more players.

“Quite a few teams are struggling with the number of boys that are in the teams, I don’t know if there is a lack of interest in football but we are trying to work towards getting them back,” said de Jongh.

The teams that are part of the association are not just from Bosmont, there are teams from Westbury, New Canada, Pimville, Braamfisher, some teams traveling quite far to these games. The seven-a-side was for all divisions namely U11, U13, U15, and U19.

“We are recruiting female teams, we have three of them now and hopefully we can continue to grow the girls league. It’s an urge to everybody who wants their children to play football to please bring their children to Bosmont.

There are quite a few clubs in the area that are interested in having more boys participating in their club and we hope that people can bring their kids.

“The girls are a big focus for us this season. I do stand corrected but I think it’s a regulation from the South African Football Association (SAFA) to have girl clubs. It’s so that the development of associations can grow.

BFA player takes control of the ball during the Derby Day games.

“We actually devised in a plan that each club participating in the Bosmont league must at least have five girls under the age of 11 and above the age of 11 so that they can play five-a-sides at the grassroots level,” said de Jongh.

Bosmont will have selective teams so that they will make up the association team. There are about 16 teams participating in the Bosmont League. The league is said to start that the end of March. Visit the associations Facebook page: Bosmont Football Association.


BFA players run for the ball during the Derby Day.

BFA players during the Derby day games.

BFA players during the Derby day games.

BFA players battling it out on the Bosmont fields.

BFA players tackling each other for the ball.

BFA player takes control of the ball during the Derby Day games.

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