Going away? Make sure you pack correctly

Whether you’re packing for a weekend away, a business trip or a month’s holiday, these tips will come in handy.

  1. Try not to overpack

Think about what you’re really going to wear or use, and plan your outfits according to days away and what’s on your itinerary. If you’re flying, take a change of clothes in your hand luggage.

  1. Make a checklist

You need to include categories such as your essentials, electronics (plus chargers), comfort items, medication (always keep on you), clothing and accessories and personal items.

  1. Check the weather forecast

You may need an umbrella and always pack a jacket and clothes that can be layered come rain or shine.

  1. Roll, don’t fold or fold, don’t roll

Many of us roll our clothes when we’re packing them into a suitcase, but some believe clothes still crease and it doesn’t actually save that much space. Check out the Marie Kondo way as an alternative; see

  1. Heavies first

Pack shoes and heavier items at the bottom and wheeled side of your suitcase; always put your shoes in shoe bags or use plastic ones with zip-locks. Try and stick to three pairs of shoes: walking shoes, flip-flops and a pair of sandals or heels for the evening.

  1. Do your research

If your hotel has an indoor swimming pool or Jacuzzi in the spa, you may want your costume.

  1. Light and dark

Clothes in light colours tend to show the dirt so pack some darker items too: a travel-sized washing liquid is useful if you’re planning to do some of your own laundry.

  1. Useful items

A numerical padlock, extra zip-lock bags, travel-sized plastic bottles, copies as well as originals of ID, Covid test, children’s birth certificates and travel insurance.

  1. Sharp objects

Always useful, but they must be put into a check-in bag if you’re flying; this includes tweezers, nail scissors and a Swiss Army Knife.

  1. And lastly …

Don’t leave your packing until the last minute and invest in good luggage that’s lightweight and long-lasting. There are often fantastic luggage sales and promotions so keep a lookout.  

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