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Railway Reserve residents are tired of waiting for RDP houses

Railway eserve residents claim that they are qualifying applicants for RDP houses, but they keep gettingoverlooked.

The residents of Railway Reserve informal settlement are tired of waiting for RDP houses.

In 2016, the concerned group of residents approached the African Reporter to help them get answers from the metro.

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No RDP houses for residents

“We were promised 300 houses, but only 15 people have benefited from the RDP project,” claims Siphiwe Jangu, one of the residents.

He says at the time there were less than 300 families at the settlement so they expected everyone to be moved to better residences.

Jangu says they are in possession of communication of the Metro’s Department of Human Settlement that suggest that they will be allocated houses in Extension 19.

“We want to be relocated, mainly because we are not safe here,” adds Phumzile Mqadi.

The residents say that their living conditions are not fit for humans.

A point in case according to them is that the communal toilets, in shipping containers, have not been serviced.

The residents also claim that since the beginning of the national lockdown, they have not received any assistance even in the form of food parcels.

“It is as if no one wants to speak to us.

We just want answers,” says Mqadi.

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KwaZenzele informal settlement residents unhappy about slow pace of housing development

Lucia Kgapola claims that some of the residents have been told that the land they live on has been sold and they have to move.

“We do not know where to go.”

The metro failed to respond to our media inquiry about the issue.

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