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Molendam residents still looking for answers

Molendam residents frustrated with lack of help from metro

Residents at Molendam are feeling neglected by the metro.

Wit Road has been without power since the beginning of the month, and the entire complex suffers as a result.

ProSafe installed security lights in the complex, but these cannot work when the streetlights are out.

The residents are subsequently left in the dark during the night and feel unsafe.

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CPF helps Molendam

According to Ward Clr Dean Stone, 13 geysers in the complex are broken, forcing residents to bath in cold water.

These problems have been reported numerous times since the beginning of the year, but nothing gets done.

The resident’s biggest worry, however, is the metro’s plan to increase the rates by 10 per cent.

The majority of residents of Molendam are pensioners, and are unable to afford this steep increase.

Residents say they feel overlooked and neglected by the metro.

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Residents of Molendam feel unsafe

Stone says: “This is unacceptable and irresponsible.

“You cannot expect for people to go on living like this.”

The metro have failed to respond to our inquiries at time of publication.

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