Thrilling and worth the read

Book: The 5th Wave Author: Rick Yancey Reviewed by: Natasha Kotze Rating: 9/10

This is a compelling, yet terrifying book detailing the events after aliens invaded Earth.

During the first wave, darkness fell and it remained. Only the lucky were able to escape the second wave, and after the third wave, only the unlucky ones survived. After the fourth wave, you would do best to trust no one.

And it is now the dawn of the fifth wave.

Cassie runs from the Others, the beings who look human but roam the countryside killing anyone they see.

Earth’s last survivors are scattered and, for Cassie, staying alone is the only way to stay alive.

That is until she meets the mysterious Evan. He might be her only hope for rescuing her brother or saving herself.

But can she trust him?

I love alien invasion books, especially if they are well written.

The plot weaves a story filled with loss, fear and questions as the surviving humans try desperately to stay alive.

I loved Cassie’s character – she went from being unnoticed to a hard-core fighter who uses her brain before she uses her M-16.

Overall, the characters are strong and likable, the plot is great and the story, although based on an old concept, brings in a lot of new angles that will get the reader thinking.

I recommend this to bookworms and sci-fi fans everywhere I go.

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