Handy braai hacks

Become a braai master with these clever hacks.

  1. Did you know you can use potato chips to get your fire going? Use them as kindling if you get stuck without fire starters. Pine cones also make great kindling. Another option is to fill a jar of dried out teabags halfway with paraffin. The teabags will soak up the paraffin and make great firelighters.
  2. If your braai grid still has some leftover juices on it, simply cut a lemon or an onion in half and rub it over the grill to clean it.
  3. Wet wood? Sprinkle some plain white sugar over the wood and add some firelighters. The sugar burns at a high temperature helping to increase the internal temperature of the wood.
  4. Place a few sprigs of rosemary or thyme (or any fresh herbs) on the grill and place your meat on top of the herbs. Our favourite? Skewer a few lamb chops and place them on rosemary sprigs to bring out a wonderful flavour.
  5. To avoid meat sticking to the grid, dip a paper towel in olive oil and rub it over the grill before you braai.
  6. If it’s fish on the braai, lay it down on a few slices of lemons; this will enhance the flavour of the fish and stop it from sticking to the grid.
  7. Instead of using a brush to add olive oil to your meat, use a rosemary sprig dipped in the oil to add extra flavour.
  8. For a delicious dessert on the braai that the kids will love, wrap a sugar cone in tin foil and fill it with a selection of marshmallows, chocolates and berries. Close up the foil and pop the cone on the coals.
  9. Wrap sage or rosemary in foil, poke holes in it and leave on the fire to smoke and keep bugs and mosquitoes away.
  10. Cook sweetcorn directly on the braai for smoky charred flavour; no foil needed. If time is an issue, simply parboil them first and then pop them on the fire.

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