Notice to customers with pre-paid meters

Pre-paid meter customers who have arrears on their rates and taxes account.

Notice Number: 11/2015

Please be informed that with effect from the 2nd February 2015 all the municipal customers that have got arrears (outstanding amounts) on their water, rates and taxes account with pre-paid meters will be denied access in buying pre-paid electricity, their pre-paid meters will be blocked and will not be able to buy any electricity until the outstanding amount is paid in full or pay 50% deposit of arrears amount and sign an acknowledgement of debt for the balance to be paid on negotiated terms.

All consumers who have bridged, illegally connected to the municipal network or tampered with their water and electricity meters are urged to come forward to the municipality within three(3) months from the date of this advert.
Consumers voluntarily coming forward will not be penalised.

Failure to voluntarily come forward and the municipality discover on its own that meters have been tampered, illegally connected to the municipal network or bridged, penalties will be levied and full payment demanded.

For more information please contact:
MR. T.A MOKONENT AT (013) 690 6280
MR. L.J KHABA AT (013) 690 6329
MS S. ADONIS AT (013) 690 6244

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