No service from the municipality leaves a stinky smell

But yet again no team pitched up.

The sight of sewage running into a resident’s yard and by times pushing up like a high tide was reported to the municipality back in January and still nothing has been done.

“We started reporting this problem back in January and from there nothing has been done since. The problem is getting worse every day,” Frikkie Bester said.

As the complaints started flowing in at the WITBANK NEWS, a reporter went and reported the problem numerous times and was informed that the municipality’s team was informed.

But yet again no team pitched up.

In a press release from the municipality they stated that the pumping and treatment is adversely affected as there are no alternative and emergency electrical supply to those points and the situation will result in sewer blockages and spillages.

The municipality will within available means attend to all complaints as reported to reinstate the service and avoid possible diseases outbreak.

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