Ogies woman killed and buried in a shallow grave

Sophia Mokgota (22) was reported missing on May 29.

A body of a woman was found in a shallow grave in Delmas. Her body was discovered after two men were arrested for alleged kidnapping, raping, and murdering her.

Sophia Mokgota (22) was reported missing on May 29, by her friend. The friend told the police that she had last seen Sophia on May 12 at a friend’s place in Delmas.

The complainant further alleged that on the same day, a man told him that he had lost his wallet.

The man allegedly started to accuse Sophia of stealing the wallet, then allegedly started assaulting her with a sjambok, golf club, panga, and fist and kicked her.

She was apparently continually assaulted and at a stage, she was taken to a bathroom where they opened the water and dipped her head inside the water.

They allegedly took a bottle and inserted it into her private part, leaving her on the floor.

It is alleged that the suspects then came back to rape her; that is when her friend found her.

The complainant was threatened not to report to anyone; if she did, she would be killed. From that day, Sophia was nowhere to be found until May 29, when the complainant reported the matter.

A team of detectives worked with the information they were provided with and they managed to arrest two suspects aged 26 and 34 on May 31.

The suspects appeared at Ogies Magistrate’s Court for bail application, which was denied due to investigation.

Ogies SAPS station commander Warrant Officer Tumelo Morajane is urging the community to work with them.

Anyone who might know any information about the last suspect should call the following number: 082 604 1340 or 013 643 8415. Alternatively, one may report to the MySAPS app. Your information will be kept confidential.

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