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Tasbet Park residents can not endure potholes and water spillage anymore

Ward Councillor Dumisani Mathaba said that what the residents are saying is true.

Residents in Tasbet Park are not happy with the service delivery and the lack thereof.


Unnecessary water waste and potholes in every street, especially Springbok Street, have been a growing thorn in residents’ sides. 

Corner of Boekenhout and Springbok Street.


At the entrance of Tasbet Park, on the corner of R544 and Kiepersol Avenue, water pipes have burst, resulting in a constant stream of water just running down into a nearby drain.



It resulted in an obstruction in the road, closing one lane completely. 


One resident, Amanda Campher, said the situation has been ongoing for months.


“The municipality repaired a sewerage leak close to the water pipe leak, and it has left a hole. With rain and the water pipe leaking still, it has caused a massive hole in the road, causing one lane to close for vehicles; if this persists, then three lanes will become one”. 

The road splitting from Kiepersol Avenue and becoming Springbok Street is riddled with potholes. When doing a quick tally driving up Springbok Street, you will have to dodge 45 potholes.


Springbok Street.


Ward Councillor Dumisani Mathaba said that what the residents are saying is true.

Heavy-duty trucks use this road daily.


“I have reported the matter to the water department manager and I escalated the complaint to the technical department director, and he instructed certain line managers to deal with the issue; until today nothing is happening”.


Dumisani said that he does not know whether the municipality understands the seriousness of the matter. “It’s one of the busiest roads in Tasbet Park because it connects several sections in Tasbet Park, and it’s the main road for that matter. I’m just frustrated like anyone concerned with the problem on that road, but I won’t give up until the problem is fixed on that road as a matter of principle

commitment from my side.”


Regarding the potholes, Dumisani said that he has received complaints of wheel punctures and damaged front bumpers, including traffic jams that are caused by the huge potholes towards the entrance and exit of Kiepersol Avenue and the R544. 


WITBANK NEWS has reached out to municipal spokesperson Mr Lebo Mofokeng but has yet to receive a comment. 


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