What to do when staring down a barrel of a gun

Tips on what to do when being held up at gunpoint

AFTER many reports in our papers of locals being robbed at gunpoint in different locations, here is a quick and easy guide of what to do if one is ever in that scary situation.

The frightening feelings of seeing someone or a group of robbers stealing your money, property and dignity are very traumatic.

Not knowing if the trigger will be pulled if the wrong thing is said or not, is terrifying.

Give the robbers what they want

Try not to act angry or weak. They will take even more advantage of you than they already are. Be calm, or at least act calm. Assume they have no qualms about killing you; it’s quite likely that they don’t.

Do not retaliate! Never forget that you are being held at gunpoint and could be killed at any moment.

You don’t want this theft to escalate into homicide.

Give them what they want, and do not hold back. After all, which is more important to you – your life or your wallet?

When they run, call emergency services, but make sure they are at least some distance away, and/or their weapon is out of range. Take some time to calm yourself down.

• Trying to fight the robber

This is highly discouraged as it is extremely dangerous and will almost always end up in a homicide.
Cooperate. If they tell you to turn around, do so. Don’t do anything they don’t tell you to – this will not help you with the escape. One wrong move and you could be shot.

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