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Furious Nseleni grandmother on warpath about teenage granddaughter’s affair

Police told her they cannot arrest her nephew (39) - a convicted murderer - who is having an affair with her 17-year-old granddaughter

A 54-YEAR-OLD Nseleni woman is angry and frustrated after police told her they cannot arrest her nephew (39) – a convicted murderer – who is having an affair with her 17-year-old granddaughter.

The woman from the eZikhonkwaneni area claims she first started suspecting the two started having a sexual affair when the girl drastically changed her behaviour towards her family.

‘We decided to confront them to find out what was happening between them, and they confessed to having a secret affair. We told them to stop,’ she said.

She revealed that her nephew is out on parole after spending almost eight years in prison for killing his girlfriend in 2008.

She also explained that this was just a start of her ordeal, as soon after the family confrontation, her granddaughter ran away.

She was eventually found and returned home with the help of Isikebhe (a community crime fighting group).

‘When they questioned my nephew, he admitted he was the one responsible for her disappearance.

‘We then reported the matter to the police, hoping they would arrest him as my granddaughter is still a minor.’

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No arrest

However, according to the grandmother, the police made it clear they cannot arrest him as her granddaughter insisted that they were in a consensual relationship.

‘They brought shame to our family. My granddaughter’s behaviour has totally changed from good to bad. She is currently doing Grade 11 in one of the local schools and I’m not sure whether she is pregnant or not,’ the grandmother said.

‘It is very painful, my granddaughter lost her father in 2010 and her mother is nowhere to be found as she dumped her a few months after her birth.

‘My nephew apologised and promised to end the relationship, but I don’t trust him.

‘I am now worried about the safety of my other granddaughters who are still minors, as I believe he will do the same thing to them when they grow up. That is why we want him back in jail.

Empangeni police spokesperson, Captain Mbongeni Mdlalose, confirmed a missing person’s case was opened, but while they were busy with their investigation they were informed by the family that she had been found.

Mdlalose said there is no case if a girl 17 years or older admits to consensual sex.

‘Parents can only open a case of rape or sexual abuse on behalf of their children if the victim is under 17 years old. That is what the law determines ,’ said Mdlalose.


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