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Covid-19: South Africa’s active cases below 50 000

Active cases are fluctuating since the onset of Level 1, but remain below 50 000

WITH fewer than 50 000 active Covid-19 cases reported, South Africa this week dropped to 12th position in the world rankings for total confirmed cases.

While active cases continue to fluctuate since the country’s easing into Level 1 restrictions, they are still headed in a downward direction.

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In the past 24 hours, South Africa’s active cases have increased by 1 200 to reach 49 112, but crucially remain below the 50 000 mark.

Total confirmed cases have reached 710 515, total recoveries 642 560 (854 more than Thursday) and 18 843 deaths (102 more than Thursday).

Globally, the USA remains at the top of the list for total number of infections, at 8 661 651, with India and Brazil still in second and third places, with 7 761 312 and 5 332 634 cases respectively.

The total number of cases worldwide have risen to 42 003 060, with 31 190 947 recoveries and 1 142 874 deaths.

Of the closed cases, the global death rate remains at 4%.

Of the active cases worldwide (9 669 239), the serious or critical cases remain at 1%.

As summer approaches and people start to enjoy more social gatherings as allowed at Level 1, it is imperative that all citizens continue to adhere to regulations such as the wearing of masks, sanitising and maintain social distancing.

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