Top tips for a wow-worthy wedding cake

The days of low-key wedding cakes are long gone. Today’s versions standout with style! Here’s what you need to know when choosing yours.

Scroll through images on Pinterest and you’ll quickly understand why wedding cakes have become a key element of so many people’s big day. Modern-day cake creations are stunning and a stylish easy way to reinforce your wedding theme – plus, they photograph beautifully!

Wedding cake wizard Grace Stevens offers this advice to guarantee best results…

Flavours and fillings 

  • Bakers often have signature flavours, so take time to ask about their best sellers. Many will be happy to mix and match flavours to suit your theme and palette.
  • A cake tasting is vital – most bakers include this in their fee.
  • Be upfront about any dietary preferences – vegan and gluten-free cakes (for example) can be easily sourced. You can also ask if your baker uses products that are local, organic and in season to ensure quality.

Design and decoration 

  • Each cake decorator has a speciality, so it’s worth viewing their portfolio. Use social media to find people whose style you adore.
  • Be aware that not all decorators will be happy to replicate online images – most prefer to bring their own creative flair (and the wedding couple’s personality) to the cake.
  • Allow your baker to advise on the choice of icing and decorative details – he or she will know what works best with the cake flavours you’ve chosen, as well as your wedding location, season and time of day, etc.
  • Keep in mind that fresh flowers on the cake will wilt ithin hours (especially at outdoor weddings). They can also be expensive and hard to source, especially if your favourites are out of season. (Remember to check if you must source them, or the baker!)

Execution and logistics

  • Transporting a wedding cake is nerve-wracking! To avoid unnecessary stress (and potential disaster), pay your cake maker to deliver and set up their masterpiece on the day.
  • Be prepared to book your baker at least three months in advance, longer (ie. six to 12 months) if they’re very popular or a celebrity.
  • Remember to get clarity on their payment terms and refund policy, as well as any additional charges, such as delivery and decorative elements like the cake stand and sparkly toppers.

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