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Ten safety tips for busy shopping malls

With the holidays approaching, shopping malls and supermarkets will be more crowded than at any other time.

In this festive atmosphere, your thoughts won’t always be on safety but rather on gifts, food and toys for Christmas.

We live in a world where crime is at the epicentre, leaving your guard down can open the door for purse snatchers who see an easy way to grab a purse or handbag dangling from a shoulder.

Thieves grab and run before you can even register what happened.

Take these following precautions whenever you go out with your purse or wallet.

  • When doing your shopping, don’t carry any more cash or credit cards than you absolutely need. Never carry large amounts of money.
  • Walk in busy, well-lit areas.
  • Walk briskly and confidently and try taking a friend.
  • Be aware of the area and the people, especially if you find yourself having to walk in an isolated or lightly populated area.
  • Look at the person who might approach or pass you, do not look away and look at their hands or at what they might be carrying.
  • If you do not appear to be vulnerable and will be able to give their description, they just might keep walking past you.
  • Hold your purse or handbag tightly and close to your body, whether on a bus, train or walking.
  • Shorten the strap on your purse or handbag so you can carry it tightly between your elbow and body.
  • Report anything or anyone suspicious, if you suspect that someone seems to be lurking in some place that they do not belong, contact security if you are in a mall, or the manager if you are in a supermarket.
  • When seated at outdoor eateries, restaurants, coffee shops or park benches do not leave your handbag on the seat next to you.

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