Mom torn to pieces

Her estranged husband allegedly took their boy to Egypt.

A mother of a seven-year-old boy, who used to live in Springs, is torn to pieces after her estranged husband allegedly took their boy to Egypt without her consent.

The mother filed for a divorce about a year ago and the child was supposed to visit the father in Springs over the weekend.

According to the boy’s adult sister, the boy’s father came to get him on Friday afternoon in Kempton Park, where her mother currently resides.

She says her mother was stressed out on Sunday afternoon when she couldn’t get hold of her husband.

Her mother allegedly received a phone call from her husband on Sunday at 10pm, from an international number, saying he is in Egypt with their boy and she will never see him again.

After further investigation the boy’s sister managed to get the flight number with which the father and son left the country.

The mother opened a missing person case at the Kempton Park Police Station.

Captain Jethro Mtshali, spokesman for the Kemtpon Park police, confirmed the incident and says the case is being investigated.

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