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Hoarding gogo’s yard cleaned

Duduza - An elderly woman's intentions to recycle in order to generate extra cash for her family has led to her home looking like a rubbish dump.

Gogo Christina Zama (85) had heaps of decaying rubbish piled up at her home in Skosana Street.

This was before the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) arranged for members of the community and municipal officials to help clean her yard on Wednesday morning.

Gogo Zama’s living conditions posed a health hazard to her own family and neighbours.

Despite countless complaints from neighbours and warnings from the EMM, Zama did not stop collecting rubbish.

Her daughter Miriam Zama (35) says the family tried to stop her from bringing rubbish into the yard, but without success.

She realised her mother had a problem when she started bringing home items that could not be recycled.

“She would bring home clothes and appliances beyond repair,” says Miriam.

Her recycling attempts turned into hoarding and neighbours could no longer take it.

Nieghbour Mapaseka Lediga (30) explained how the rubbish caused an influx of pests.

“The odour coming from the decaying waste was becoming unbearable and we feared for our health,” says Lediga.

Gogo Zama claims she will no longer collect rubbish.

Metro spokesman Themba Gadebe says caring for senior citizens is the municipality’s prime priority, and believes this cleaning intervention will improve Zama’s health and well-being.

The metro will also continue to monitor the state of cleanliness at her property, and she will also be assisted psychologically if necessary, and will receive food parcels.

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