Ext Two residents live in pool of sewage

Ext Two residents fear for their health due to sewage flooding their homes.

Kwa-Thema – For over seven years, residents of Ext Two have been exposed to sewage in their homes that flow from a manhole in the area.

Since November, the situation has worsened and the sewage now floods their homes daily.

Driving into the area, one is exposed to the foul smell of sewage. Used sanitary pads, panty liners, human faeces and used condoms cover the streets and pavements.

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A concerned resident, Simon Lokoane, said waking up to an overflowing shower drain has become the norm.

“I often wake up in the middle of the night to my house covered with a pool of sewage.
“Every morning I am forced to clean my yard of human feaces, tampons and used condoms deposited from the manhole and drains.
“I can’t remember the last time I opened my windows or sat outside to enjoy fresh air,” he added.

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The residents allege that they have complained to the metro and the local ward councillor on many occasions, but little has been done to permanently remedy the situation.

“If we are lucky, the contractor comes to unblock the manhole, but this is only a temporary solution. It only works for a few days then the problem persists,” said Lokoane.

Another resident, Jabulile Nkosi, told African Reporter that the problem started seven years ago when she moved into the area.

“When there is no electricity, we had to call the municipality to dispatch an official to pull up the pump or we will have sewage flooding our homes. It is even worse on rainy days.“

“When we inquired with Ward 77 Clr Thulane Dunjana, he told us that the metro doesn’t have the funds to replace the pump that we had to rely on as a temporary solution of unblocking the manhole,” she added.

Nkosi added that this is a health hazard for the affected residents but no one seems to care. Dunjana confirmed the problem became worse in October because the pump is damaged and needs to be replaced.

“The metro doesn’t have funds to replace it and the contractors who are supposed to pump the manhole regularly have also since downed tools due to the outstanding payment of their invoices by the metro,” he added.

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