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Upcoming artist: From Tsakani to the world

Hip-hop artist, Nhlanhla Keliko raises from the ground and aims for the best.

Tsakani – Trap soul and hip-hop musician Nhlanhla Keliko is determined to stamp his name on the entertainment industry.

The 25-year-old from Tsakani Ext 11 started singing in high school. He said he started making music and calling himself an artist in 2018 after releasing his first single, My Life, recorded at Wavey Season studio and owned by T-Loyal.

“I chose to do music because I wanted people to know me and share my life experience through music.

“I can express myself better through music,” said Nhlanhla.

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Over the years, he has worked with artists like Blxck-Kid, Rowmy Flamez, Iconic Stiffle, NaKhathide, and Inkosana from Cape Town.

He has released six singles, including his latest, Amen.

He added that one of the challenges he faced as a new artist was the lack of platforms from which young people could draw inspiration.

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Nhlanhla said, “This month I plan to release a music video for my latest single.”

He is planning his next project which will be released soon.

“I also want to release something, maybe after three months. That is my plan this year”.

He advised upcoming artists to be consistent in their work and believe in their craft and what they can bring out of people.

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