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Bodybuilder puts his strength to the test

Xolani started his bodybuilding journey when he was 18 years old.

Bodybuilder Xolani ‘Sgaqagaqa’ Motshweni is aiming for bigger stages. He recently participated in the X-Man Classics and the IBFF Soweto Development Show.

The X-Man Classics took place in Kahlehong on March 23.

“I am happy with this event, and the results I achieved. I attended the same competition last year but I believe that my body was not yet well developed but I managed to get first.

“It inspired me to come back better and defend my position. The judges even commented on how much I have grown,” he explained.

He won second and third place in two categories. Xolani started his bodybuilding journey when he was 18 years old.

He joined the International Bodybuilding Fitness Federation (IBFF) in 2023 and won the first position for U23.

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Unfortunately, Xolani had to bury a loved one as he was preparing for the second show.

“I thought about quitting, but I had so much support. People kept encouraging me to compete,” he added.

Xolani also received financial support from a local businessman in Extension 3. He competed in the Soweto Development Show on April 6.

“I won three bronze medals in the end. I was able to prepare in such a short period, and I am proud of the results,” he added.

Xolani is already preparing for an international competition which will take place in October.

“I really hope that people will see my achievements and desire to sponsor me. Bodybuilding is my life. I am bodybuilding! I want to make ekasi lami proud of me. Everywhere I go, I represent where I come from,” he said.

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