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EMPD talks to public about road safety

The EMPD officers engaged the public in safety awareness where there was a heavy traffic flow during peak hours and central to where commuters find their transport to work and school.

EMPD Social Crime Prevention Unit officers engaged in various interventions such as road safety, scholar transport and scholar patrol training in Kwatsaduza.

On May 14, officers went to Ndudula Street in Ext 19, near Roseview Primary School and Sonnestraal Road, which divides Duduza and Tsakani.

EMPD spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Kelebogile Thepa said officers engaged the public on road safety.

“Officers focused on explaining the roles of each road user and the responsibility everyone must play to ensure road safety.

“In the Kwa-Thema area, opposite Duduza Rank and Thema Road, where Qedusizi Primary School is situated, officers and learners participated in the scholar patrol to monitor and ensure learners’ safety as they cross the busy roadway.

“The high visibility of policing during interventions brings changes in driver and pedestrian behaviour,” said Thepa.

Thepa added that the EMPD will continue to deploy officers in strategic areas to monitor and maintain discipline on the roads throughout the CoE.

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