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Jwaga records third live DVD

Xolani Jwaga is a gospel singer set to record his live DVD, The Horn.

KwaThema – Xolani Jwaga (37) said after his grandfather’s passing in 1998, he stayed with his aunt who instilled the culture of church-going.

“I had to go to church every Sunday. When I first got to church, the drums they played fascinated me.

“To become a drummer in church, I had to be saved.

“I decided to accept Christ and became a member of the church choir. I joined the church choir to become a church drummer, and I did.

“One day while playing drums, Oupa Sithela, now my producer, asked me to sing tenor in the church choir.

“I sang and ended up singing in the choir for six months.

“This is when Sithela told me he preferred me singing over playing drums.

“I hated the idea. Sithela trained me as a singer. I later fell in love with the art of singing and worshipping.

“That is how I started my singing journey,” said Jwaga.

He said years later he will record his third live DVD, The Horn, on May 31 at Carnival City.

“I will perform 18 songs featuring Duduza Serenade, a group from Duduza. The album is a mixture of new and old refurbished songs.

Xolani Jwaga.

“Holy (on the new album) is my favourite song to exalt God for who he is in my life,” he said.

Jwaga said he is excited to showcase his artwork around this DVD.

“I am excited to show people my work. The title of this DVD expresses everything. It is a time of victory, a time of courage. A horn is blown in celebrations, worship and when a king is about to speak.

“I believe this is a season in which God is going to speak like never before and we are, in return, blowing the horn for what God is about to do in our lives and communities,” added Jwaga.

He plans to release the album at the end of June.

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