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Leachville Shooters top the log as league continues

The U15 teams participated in 16 games as part of the Region E netball league.

Duduza – The U15 teams showcased their competitive energy at the Multipurpose Centre when the Region E netball league games recommenced on May 25.

The girls picked up where they left off when they had an intense game between Ulinda and The Wings.

The Wings flourished when they led the game from the first quarter until the last whistle.

The score was 4-1 in the first quarter, with The Wings leading. In the second quarter, The Wings still led by six points, while Ulinda had two.

The Wings beat Ulinda 12-10.

The game ended in a win for The Wings with 12 goals and Ulinda on 10. The Wings’ coach, Jane Mayisa, said the girls started well in the first two quarters.

“As the game progressed to the third quarter, they began slacking, and the opposition almost caught up, but eventually they bounced back,” she said.

“This year, we improved a lot. We developed the U11 team because we realised many girls want to play netball.”

Mayisa highlighted the region’s challenges since the league started.

The girls showed their competitive energy on the court.

“We don’t have adequate training facilities. We also don‘t have sufficient training grounds, training equipment, and netball kits.

“We would appreciate assistance,” Mayisa added.

Ulinda coach Velly Mokgako spoke about what went wrong during the game and what the players could improve.

“In their next game, they must have unity on the court and listen to each other. If they stick to what I teach them during training, a win is guaranteed,” she explained.

The Region E netball league began in April.

The results for the U15 games:

• Rising Eagles 26-10 Early Birds
• Rosebuds 17-1 Saints
• Rabbits 15-4 K.N.T
• Leethuxolo 13-6 Vulture Venture
• Leachville Shooters 13-10 The Wings
• Ulinda 12-5 Dolphins
• Dynamite 26-19 Rising Eagles
• Rabbits 21-0 Saints
• KNT 10-0 Underdogs
• Leethuxolo 14-0 Shinning Stars
• Rosebuds 19-5 Royal Phoenix
• Dolphins 7-5 Vulture Venture
• The Wings 12-10 Ulinda
• Dynamite 2-0 Shinning Stars
• Royal Phoenix 5-0 Star Girls
• Leachville Shooters 2-0 Star Girls

Leachville Shooters hold the top spot on the log, while Rabbits and Rising Eagles sit at the second and third positions respectively.

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