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Foundation helps equip future generation

The Thulari Foundation helps the youth, children and their families.

Tsakani – The Tsakani-based Thulari Foundation hosted a fundraiser on June 1 focused on combating poor living conditions.

Johannes Mabena (42), the organisation’s founder, said the Thulari Foundation helps the youth and children in need.

“The organisation prioritises children and the youth. We exist to take care of and develop disadvantaged children so they can become contributing members of society.

“We want to empower children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The welfare of our children and youth is our priority.

“We have noticed that the youth need support because most come from disadvantaged backgrounds and usually cannot provide for their basic needs.

“Young people living in our community go a day or two without food. Children do not have school necessities such as stationery, shoes, uniforms, sanitary towels and clothes.

“We aim to address those issues confronted by the youth and children. It is painful to see children walk barefoot to school because everyone at home is unemployed and cannot afford a pair of school shoes. This is where we come in. We collect donations from the public to assist the needy,” said Mabena.

Nokulunga Nhlanhla said the fundraiser’s donations and funds will go to the youth and children living in Tsakani Ext 1.

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“This event is meant to address the issues faced by children and the youth of Tsakani Ext 1. This area has many children who do not have basic needs. We want to make means to address these issues. We will assist as many households as possible.

“There are children with old school shoes that need polish to keep their shine, so we will branch out to collect tins of polish. One polish container could change a child’s life and perspective towards school.

“In Ext 1, we have established 70 households we will donate to. When we include Langaville and Rockville, we have 300 households we want to assist.

“We hope to collect as many donations as possible by the first week of July so we can donate all our acquired donations to the households established.

Nomathemba Sibisi and Mathapelo Vilakazi donate clothes to the organisation.

“July is a cold month, so we wish to collect winter items such as blankets and other winter essentials to donate to the established households,” said Nhlanhla.

Nhlanhla said they also help teenage mothers.

“At times, we can assist with baby items when we have gathered such donations from the public. We allow people to make donation requests, such as Pampers, and when we can, we seek such to give to those who have requested.

“Furthermore, we urge the public to assist where possible. Everyone is welcome to donate. Every donation is accepted and could make a huge difference in someone else’s life,” added Nhlanhla.

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