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Spotlight on adolescent health and well-being

The clinic hosted the event to engage young people in conversations about the health facilities available to them.

Springs Clinic hosted an open day, which incorporated a fun walk on Friday, to commemorate Youth Month.

The participants in their tutus and running shoes waited excitedly to begin their 7km walk. They were all smiles and in high spirits as they started walking from the clinic, past the petrol station and onto the rest of the trail.

Upon returning from the walk, the participants gathered for an aerobics class, led by Planet Fitness trainer, Mteteleli Hoho.

The clinic’s facility manager, Fikile Sukazi stressed the importance of caring for your physical health as a young person. She said they should eat healthy, exercise and take care of their sexual health.

“We want to encourage the youth to practice safe sex to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. If you love yourself you will take care of your physical, mental and psychological health.

“You must maintain a positive mindset; don’t let the downfalls discourage you. You wake up, you go on, as long as you are living, you still have a chance to do something with your life,” Sukazi said.

Sukazi managed to finish the walk in first place, she was greeted by her colleagues’ cheers and praises as she returned.

“While walking, I kept affirming myself that I could do this and that nothing can stand in my way,” she stated proudly.

Among the partner organisations was Soul City Institute which educates the youth about sexual health.

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Soul City Institute supports a program called Adolescent Youth-Friendly Health Services; an initiative that addresses the obstacles young people have while trying to obtain high-quality sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services.

“Today exhibited and distributed condoms to promote the use of contraceptives. There is a high rate of HIV and teenage pregnancy.

“We want to promote vigilance and healthy living among the youth,” Soul City Institute’s program officer, Nondumiso Khethwa said.

An organisation called Love Life was present. Their work is to bridge the gap between young people and the healthcare facilities available to them.

Their coordinator, Tshepiso Makhubo said the open-day event was a great opportunity to have fun with young people but also to educate them.

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