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Beware of these imposters

It has recently come to my attention that there is a woman, we’ll call her Jane although we don’t know anything about her identity, in Springs, falsely claiming to be a journalist at the Springs Advertiser.

Casually telling people you are a journalist may not be alarming, but this woman’s modus operandi certainly is.

According to the woman who brought Jane’s actions to our attention, Jane barged into her sister’s home, making accusations and demanding answers.

Jane alleged that the woman was guilty of child abuse in the form of pouring boiling water over her own child.

She proceeded to demand answers and assured the flabbergasted woman that she would be reporting this child abuse and the details surrounding the act in this newspaper.

I would like to assure our readers that Jane is not one of my staff and was certainly not acting on behalf of this newspaper.

In the interests of maintaining a great relationship with our readers, I would like to make you aware of the following:

n My staff are required to identify themselves as Addie staff members before asking any questions – this includes in a phone call, at an accident scene or if they approach you on the street to ask about your views.

n They are always required to make an appointment before arriving at your house, unless they are at a crime scene or story taking place in a public space.

n If you are in any doubt, please ask for identification. Journalists have press cards which include their photos, job title and name of the paper issued by Print & Digital Media SA.

n Alternatively ask to see their ID and contact our offices to verify that the person does work for us.

n If you have been contacted telephonically and you do not believe that the person is from the paper. You can elect to end the call, check their identity with us and return the call. Having ended the call, please contact either myself or the switchboard and verify that the person does work for the Addie.

I can be contacted on 011 812 4824 or call the switchboard on 011 812 4824 and either ask to be put through to the journalist or check that we have a journalist by the name given.

If you do discover that you have been approached by someone who does not work for us, please email me the details of the contact – the name given and purpose for which they have contacted you – to

If you are ever in doubt as to the validity of a claim that someone, posing as a sale representative, works for the company, please contact our sales manager Michell Roberts (011 812 4800) or to verify the person’s employment with Caxton, especially if they are attempting to collect money on behalf of the company.

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