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Jack hopes to run the Two Oceans

After getting a silver medal from the World Aids Day half marathon held in Katlehong last year, Jack Serame is now more confident to take part in the Two Oceans Marathon in April.

His first attempt at the marathon made Jack realise that he was born to be an athlete and he admits that although winning looks so easy, he was faced with many challenges.

To fulfil his dream of becoming one of the best athletes in South Africa, Jack says he will again compete in this year’s marathon to be held on April 19.

Despite the passion and commitment that he has, Jack is still struggling to ensure that his name appears on the list of 11 000 runners who will be taking part in the competition.

He says he spends sleepless nights wondering if he will officially have a chance to be one of the runners to take part in one of the biggest runners’ competitions.

If all goes well and he gets the money that is needed to pay the necessary fees, Jack is expected to leave Gauteng for Cape Town after March 19.

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