Ten deco tips for every home

DIY deco tips that definitely brightens up any space. Try these today

  • Clear off and declutter surfaces.During the colder winter months, it’s nice to cozy up a place with accessories…they warm up the cockles of your heart. But once the sun is shining, it’s a good time to tuck those extra accessories away in favor of clean, sparkling surfaces.

Deco 1

  • Lighten up the color palette in your accessories.Bring in fresh and cheery colors…greens, oranges, bright whites. Switch out the warm tones on your pillows, candles, and table decor for the colors of summer

Deco 2

  • Pack away the winter textiles.While you’re boxing up winter hats, gloves, and scarfs from closets, take a good look around your rooms.  Are there throw blankets draped over chairs and ottomans? Warm-toned area rugs? Layers of drapery? Consider packing those away for the warmer months, it’s time to shed the cozy look for open and inviting.

Deco 3

  • Take it outside!Don’t ignore all of your outside areas…with the warmer weather upon us, activities tend to spill outside. Spend some time tidying up your patio and garden areas…

Deco 4

  • Add color with flowers.Flowers tend to get all the credit for being the beautiful, showy representatives of spring and summer.

Deco 5 (Small)

  • Bring live plants indoors.In addition to fresh cut flowers, consider bringing in live plants.

Deco 6 (Small)

  • White Towels.Ditch the colorful towels, or save them for the pool and beach, and wrap up in bright white towels. Fold a couple and place them next to your tub…top with a tower of soap, and you’ve added a bit of summer to your bathroom!

Deco 8

  • Fun with paint.Paint is often ignored as a way to dramatically change a room. But it’s inexpensive, easily changed, and readily available. Don’t want to tackle a big project like an entire room? How about painting your stairway risers? Instant drama!

Deco 7

  • Give bed linens a face lift. You don’t need to purchase an entire new ensemble to give your bed a new look…just switch out a few pillow covers for some with bright white backgrounds and perhaps a white cover over your existing duvet and you’ll have a whole new look.

Deco 9

  • Beachy keen.  Summertime means beaches for a lot of us, so why not find a little space in your home to display some beachy artifacts? Shells, starfish, driftwood…even a jar full of sand can be charming.

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