Veritas Prep back in business

Grade Sevens back on site at Veritas Prep

The Grade Seven learners of Veritas Prep went back to school on Monday after almost three full months at home.

Before learners went to class, the school’s Covid-19 committee was ready and did all the necessary testing; learners were given a talk about the new health and safety procedures put in place to help them settle into a very different school environment.

Over 96 per cent of the Grade Seven learners have turned up for the first week of school.

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Veritas matrics are back at their desks

The learners were happy to be back at school and were excited to see each other and their teachers again.

Learners whose parents elected to keep them at home were not left out, as each lesson is recorded.

The school has been doing online schooling using the Edmodo App and the teachers have put together educational packs for the learners from crèche all the way up to Grade Seven.

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