Pipelines will finally be covered in Brackendowns

A project that started in 2010 will finally be completed by the middle of the year.

BRACKENDOWNS – After the C6 Rand Waterboard pipeline in Brackendowns started in 2010, residents were left with an eyesore, as the trenches were never covered. Since Councillor Estelle Visser became ward councilor in 2011, she made several unsuccessful attempts to communicate this unacceptable state of affairs to the Rand Waterboard.

During the second half of 2013, a new CCA (Customer Care Area Manager), Stephen Nowatha, was appointed and he succeeded in setting up round table discussions with the Rand Waterboard in November last year, Councillor Visser told the RECORD.

Representatives from the Rand Waterboard indicated that there will still be heaps of sand for a period after the trenches had been filled. These piles of sand will be used as stock piles for when the first layers of sand settles. According to Councillor Visser the project had to be completed by February 2014, although the appointment of a contractor scheduled for November last year only took place in January 2014; thus the project will only be completed by the middle of 2014.

“It has been such a disaster, but finally something is being done. Unfortunately there was no clear communication between Rand Water and ward councilors since 2010 as to what was happening with the project,” said Councillor Visser.

She also mentioned that there will be another pipe laid from Palmiet Pump Station to Pretoria, which will run through Meyersdal.

Councillor Visser encourages the community to participate in public meetings regarding projects in their area, when the crucial process of public participation is rolled out. It is of the utmost importance to attend these meetings and find out what is happening in their municipal area.

“We need the community to give an input and they have to be informed about projects. Ekurhuleni is compelled by law to liaise with residents. Please keep an eye open in future for public participation meetings,” Councillor Estelle Visser concluded.

Email Councillor Visser for more information.

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