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Back to school? There’s an app for that

By the time the new school year begins in January, most parents are chomping at the bit to get their little ones dressed and through the gates.

Summer holidays, and all the family bonding time that comes with the South African December break, is wonderful, but you’re not alone if you relish quiet mornings at home or the office, without the constant panic that you’ve not applied suncream.

Sadly, the thrill of sharing some of your parenting time with the teacher is dampened by the unending admin involved in heading back into the school term.

Uniforms, textbooks, extra-curricular schedules, lifting schedules and the inevitable bake sale means that you’re never without school-related admin.

Karri payments

Karri is an app that allows parents to make safe, quick and convenient payments to their schools. So far, they’ve helped over 700 South African schools and community organisations transact via secure, trackable online transfers, thereby eliminating the risks of keeping cash on school premises.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is an advanced parental control app that helps you protect your kids. Take control of your child’s online exploration by managing screen time, blocking adult content and monitoring what they’re viewing on the Internet. The app works across all your devices, PC, Mac, and mobile, to make sure your family isn’t exposed to harmful or inappropriate content.


LocTransie is a mobile application designed to make it easy for parents to both locate and monitor their child’s whereabouts. It enables parents to find their child and their school transport at any given moment during their school transport route, through SMS notifications. The monitoring of the school transport improves child safety and provides parents with the assurance that children are safely and timeously picked up and dropped off for their daily trips including sports activities and school outings.

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer is a free app and offers a surprisingly simple way to manage everyday family life. With a shared calendar, reminders, grocery lists and more, Cozi is a three-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner and available from any mobile device or computer.

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