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Maak ‘n Verskil Hekel members crocheted over 2 800 blocks in a crochet marathon

After participating in the 30-hour crochet marathon, Maak ‘n Verskil Hekel crocheters will donate more than 50 blankets to needy individuals.

The Afrikaans Language and Culture Association (ATVK) Arendness branch and Maak ‘n Verskil Hekel hosted a 30-hour crochet marathon at Del-Jua arts and crafts shop in New Redruth.

This nationwide initiative saw various towns identified where fellow crocheters got together to crochet 20cm x 20cm granny patches.

One blanket can be created by sewing 36 patches together.

An example of one of the blankets.

According to the manager of Del-Jua, Judith Germishuys, the marathon was successful and more than 70 people attended. Maak ‘n Verskil Hekel will give the blankets to the needy.

“In the whole of SA, more than 70 000 blocks were made. We, in Alberton, collected over 2 800 blocks. These blocks will now be made into blankets,” said Germishuys.

As soon as the blankets are complete, they will be handed out.

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