Court postpones murder accused couple’s case

Bianca Jackson and Shaun Walter Beaton, accused of being implicated in the death of Gert Hitzeroth, are expected to reappear later in the year.

Bianca Jackson and Shaun Walter Beaton, the suspects implicated in the murder of Gert Hitzeroth, reappeared before the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court on June 10.

The couple was to appear on June 10 and 12. However, now they are expected to reappear on August 26 and September 25 for further hearings.

The postponement was due to the prosecutor’s absence, who did not feel well.

Beaton, charged with murder, allegedly caused Hitzeroth’s death by assaulting him with a baseball bat and subsequently drowning him in a pool. He pleaded not guilty.

Jackson, who faces two charges, is accused of obstructing justice by concealing the murder weapon and cleaning the victim’s blood from the scene. She pleaded not guilty to this charge. Additionally, she faces a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm as an accessory.

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