Alberton North parents in court for their daughter’s death

A mother and father of a two-year-old deceased daughter will appear again in Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court on June 20, for the murder of their daughter.

Alberton North parents appeared again in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court for the murder of their two-year-old child on June 7.

The couple allegedly murdered their daughter in May 2021, and the results provided by forensics revealed that the two-year-old succumbed to her injuries which are believed to have been inflicted 12 days before her death on May 15.

During the court proceedings, the State prosecutor stated that with regard to the alleged murder, the mother (accused one) and the father (accused two), both abused their three children but it was a misfortune that one of the three children lost her life.

Both the parents were substance users and the court proved that after the social workers returned the children to them they continued using drugs after they were instructed to by the children’s court.

Background about the matter

The Alberton Record was made aware that an Alberton North couple are appearing in court after the death of their two-year-old on May 15 2021, due to sustained injuries. The social workers took the children twice from the parents as a result of drug abuse.

In 2019 the court ruled that the couple’s three children be removed from their care since they were both drug users and negligent and unfit to take care of the children. However, the children were returned to the family in December 2019, since the mother and father underwent therapy and were clean. The parents started using again in 2020 and the children were again removed in June 2020 to be returned to the parents again in December 2020.

The mother, accused one, said that when she met her husband, accused two, she was not using drugs but her husband introduced her to them in 2013.

“When we met everything was just fine and perfect but things changed in just a short time because I was abused emotionally and physically by a man I called my husband. My children went through the same thing and I was quiet because he was taking care of me financially,” she said.

Court proceedings

Both the accused face charges which include murder, gender-based violence, rape and abuse.

It was put to the court by the State prosecutor that the parents abused all three of their children and failed to raise them as expected by the Children’s Court.

Their oldest, who was eight years old in 2021, testified to the court that he was purposefully burnt with hot water by his mother as they reprimanded him for his behaviour.

Also, it was revealed that according to medical tests provided by a medical professional, who testified in the matter the deceased’s private part and anus were penetrated forcefully.

According to the State prosecutor, accused one testified that accused two is the one who forcefully penetrated the deceased.

The supplied medical reports also showed that the deceased broke her leg because of a hiding that caused her death.

The State proved to the magistrate that the parents must be held responsible for the death of the late two-year-old because they did not take her to hospital when they could tell that their daughter was in pain.

“My Lord, let me take you how the child died according to my investigation. The child was given a hiding by her both parents. She was thrown against the wall and strangled because she did not want to be fed food that was given to her. The parents did not know that it would go as far as their daughter succumbing to injuries because they used to beat her on daily basis,” the State prosecutor said.

Also, the oldest child testified that the deceased was thrown against cupboards by his father. Reports further revealed that the deceased was smeared with her faeces on her face on several occasions.

Both the state and representatives submitted their arguments before the magistrate and the judgement will be heard on June 20.

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