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Bike thefts have increased significantly in Alberton

A wave of concern has swept through the East Rand community following the emergence of a syndicate operating in the area over the past two to three weeks.

Alberton, in particular, has experienced a significant uptick in bike thefts, becoming the focal point of the syndicate’s illicit activities.

In response to this alarming trend, authorities urgently advise all bike and jet ski owners to adopt proactive measures. Securing vehicles with robust locks and implementing additional security protocols are strongly recommended to deter unauthorised access.

The Alberton Community Responders group said that it is essential to avoid leaving bikes and jet skis exposed to public view along roadsides, reducing the risk of theft.

Local security agencies and the SAPS have been given substantial intelligence and are actively monitoring suspicious individuals’ movements in and out of the affected areas.

“Community participation is paramount in combating this threat,” they said.

Residents are urged to quickly report any instances of dogs barking during the early hours, irrespective of the cause. This kind of information helps reaction teams carry out in-depth investigations because the syndicate is known for carefully screening targets ahead of time.

Individuals are encouraged to be vigilant and cooperative as this is essential to protecting the neighbourhood from these illegal activities.

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