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Lenasia Yuvak Mandal (LYM) to celebrate 55 years

Lenasia Yuvak Mandal marks 55 years with United Hanuman Chalisa Recitals and a noble initiative

The esteemed community organisation, Lenasia Yuvak Mandal (LYM), is celebrating its 55th anniversary by hosting the 108 United Hanuman Chalisa Recitals.

The event, which aims to foster unity and goodwill, will take place on April 27 at the Shree Rameshwar Mahadev Mandir from 05:30 onwards. Maha Prasad (lunch) will be served.

The Lenasia Yuvak Mandal was established on April 6, 1969, as an NPO with the primary objective of promoting religious and cultural activities, as well as practising, propagating and preserving the rich and inspiring Hindu culture.

The organisation’s activities include religion, culture, socio-welfare and economic needs of the community and surrounding areas.

This year marks a milestone for the organisation as it celebrates its 55th anniversary, built upon selfless community members of the past and current, continuing to thrive in making a difference. Since its establishment in 1969, LYM has been a cornerstone of the Lenasia community, championing various social causes and promoting unity among residents.

This year, they have embarked on a noble initiative to collect 108kg of plastic bottles. The collected bottles will be sold to raise funds for buying wheelchairs for those in need. LYM extends its gratitude to all organisations that have come forward to assist in this endeavour.

This initiative echoes the teachings of Hanumanji, aiming to clean our oceans and enlighten our minds. Remember, every bottle counts, and your contribution can bring about significant change.

Plastic bottles can be dropped off at the following locations in Lenasia: Rising Sun, Shree Bharat Sharda Mandir (SBSM) School and Shree Rameshwar Mahadev Mandir.

Join hands with LYM in their journey towards creating a better world. Your presence, sponsorship, and participation are eagerly awaited. Let’s come together to support this noble cause and make a lasting impact on our community.

For more information about the event or how to become a member of the Lenasia Yuvak Mandal, please contact Bhavesh Lalla on 067 382 4191 or Yukta Maharajh on 072 897 6850.

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