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Alberton CPF’s new sub-sector and executive leadership teams ready for action

Alberton CPF proudly welcomes its new executives and additional members.

The Alberton CPF recently held elections for both its sub-sector and executive leadership teams.

The sub-sector elections, held in February, saw new leadership teams nominated for several sectors within Alberton.

Following this, the Alberton CPF executive elections in March resulted in the election of a new executive committee to oversee the CPFs overall work.

The new executive members include Wilma van Zyl, Bonginkosie Ngobese, Tshepo WaTlou, Leon (Tiny) Olivier, Deidre de Carvalho, Joeleen Smit, Domingos de Carvalho, Theunis Smit, Robert Leighton, M Ndlovu, DZ Bangani, Mike Pieterse, Domingos de Carvalho, Cynthia Silape, Andrew Cornelius, Devon Kannemeyer, Caroline Anne Axford, Wilma van Zyl, Leon (Tiny) Olivier, Ciska Botha, Morne Terblanche, 2A Robert William Leighton, Pieter Schreiber and Francious Meyer.

In the sub-sector elections, passionate individuals stepped forward to take on leadership responsibilities, exhibiting a strong commitment to serve their communities.

The newly elected leadership teams intend to follow in the footsteps of the outgoing leadership by fostering productive collaborations and devoting themselves to stakeholders.

They serve as the community’s eyes and ears, to strengthen crime-fighting initiatives and improve overall safety.

“We extend our heartfelt thanks to the outgoing leadership for their dedication and service. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, and the foundation they have laid will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of the CPF in Alberton,” said Wilma van Zyl, Alberton CPF chairperson.

The CPF is a voluntary community-based organisation that promotes collaboration between the community and the police and is critical to improving local safety and security.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohoembi (detective commander), Colonel Letloenyane (station commander), Wilma van Zyl (Alberton CPF chairperson) and Tshepo Maesela (Alberton CPF secretary) during the CPF executive elections.

CPF tasks encompass promoting local police accountability to the community and community cooperation with the local police, evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of police servicing the community, and investigating and advising on local policing priorities.

The organisation also assesses service delivery, including resource distribution, the way complaints and charges are handled, patrolling residential and business areas and maintaining records, writing reports, and making recommendations to station commanders, provincial commissioners and MECs.

The CPF will inquire about local policing issues and make requests for information as needed.

Residents are encouraged to join their local CPF as communities are made up of a diverse range of people, each with unique skills, perspectives, and innovative ideas that can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the SAPS and the approach to social crime prevention in a specific area.

Informed CPF members can empower their communities to have a say in their safety and eradicate crime and criminals from their area.

“As we navigate the challenges ahead, let us all unite in support of our CPF leadership and work together to create a safer, more secure Alberton for all,” said Van Zyl.

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