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Albertonians raise concerns over service delivery issues

Albertonians are speaking out about several service delivery problems affecting their community, urging the municipality to take action.

The Alberton Record received many complaints through its Voice of the Voter series.

They raised these issues:

• Illegal truck parking and litter

Residents are troubled by trucks delivering goods and parking illegally on Loerie Street and Kingfisher Crescent in Meyersdal, posing risks to drivers and pedestrians and disrupting traffic. Additionally, litter ruins Loerie Street.

• Neglected cemetery maintenance

Residents raised concerns about the state of Kromvlei Cemetery, where there has been a water leak for three months and no resolution. The leak persists despite multiple reports to security companies and municipal officials, raising questions about the EMM’s responsiveness.

• Municipal service dissatisfaction

Residents on Parklands Avenue in Alberton North are frustrated over the poor municipal services, especially the streetlights that do not work. Complaints lodged as far back as last July have not been addressed, with claims of budget constraints hindering the repairs.

• Road hazard

A section of the road at the T-junction of JG Strijdom and Kershout streets in Mayberry Park is collapsing, posing a safety risk for motorists. A resident on Kershout Street, who has reported the issue multiple times, raised the concern. The deterioration of this section of the road has made it more likely for drivers to unintentionally enter the oncoming traffic lanes, increasing the risk of accidents.

• Non-working streetlights

There has only been one working streetlight in Brackendowns for the past year. Complaints go unanswered, and scarce spare parts and vandalism are blamed for the delay.

• Dead tree

A resident in Brackendowns reported a dead tree in 2020. The matter is still unaddressed after four years and six reference numbers.

• Illegal parking in residential area

A resident parks a 20-ton truck on the pavement, causing 50 potholes. “Our suburban roads, with a 5-ton limit, were never meant for this. Most potholes in Brackendowns Ext 5 in the entrance and exit of our neighbourhood are caused by his truck, which he must park at his house,” said the resident. Despite complaints, authorities are unable to stop this violation. Other residents take it upon themselves to fill the potholes the truck caused.

• Water pipe bursts

The main water pipe bursts monthly and has been ongoing for two years. The worst spot is at the Total garage on Hennie Alberts Street, leading to road damage and water shortages. Residents endure hours without water or low pressure due to unresolved issues.

• New speed bumps

The recent installation of unnecessary speed bumps adds to community frustration in Brackendowns. “Metres away from this new speed bump, at the corner of Hennie Alberts Street and Swartkoppies Road, accidents occur daily, and many are fatal. People take their lives in their hands every time they cross this junction. No rumble strips for Kliprivier Road? But a speed bump where one can only drive at a maximum of 30kmp/h. This makes no sense,” said the resident.

• Traffic hazards

The zebra crossing paint at Bracken High School is invisible, and this is a concern for the safety of the children.
The Alberton Record has forwarded these complaints to the municipality for comment and action.
The Voice of the Voter series aims to amplify community concerns and drive positive change for Alberton residents.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the Record’s Voice of the Voter series. To contribute, send your leads for this editorial series to cvdwalt@caxton.co.za

Mark the subject line as ‘Voice of the Voter’ and include a photo illustrating your concern, its location and a brief description.

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