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Junior Colleges Castillian hosts colourful Mother’s Day event

The creative morning brought joy and colour to the Mother’s Day celebration.

Junior Colleges Castillian hosted a Mother’s Day event full of creativity and love on May 10.

Mothers and their children gathered for a tie-dyeing activity, turning plain white socks into colourful works of art.

The event aimed to honour mothers and let families have fun together. Tables were set up with bright dyes and piles of socks, creating a lively atmosphere.

The tie-dye activity.

Mothers and children laughed and chatted when trying different tie-dye patterns and colours. Each sock became a unique creation, reflecting the special bond between mother and child.

A sweet snack for all the mothers.

For many, this event was a break from the usual routine, allowing them to enjoy quality time with loved ones. As the event wrapped up, mothers left with their colourful socks and hearts full of happiness, treasuring the memories they made together.

Celebrating mothers for Mother’s Day at Junior Colleges Castillian.

The simple socks they created symbolise the deep love holding families together, reminding us of the joy of sharing moments like these.

Yeshalia and Karissa Govender.

“This Mother’s Day event will be a cherished memory for all who participated, highlighting the lasting impact of love and family bonds,” said principal Elriza Riddle.

Hayden Niemand with his mother, Joy.

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