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Connor joins team SA in USA

Team South Africa off to compete in the International Performing Arts Championships (IPAC) in New York.

Connor Walker will soon be joining a team of talented performers during the International Performing Arts Championships (IPAC) in the United States.

He will leave on June 23.

Brackenhurst’s Connor has competed in various competitions such as SA World Lyrical Dance Federation (WLDF), Euro Dance, Stars of the Universe, Talent Africa and many more and has excelled in all.

Connor was selected to represent Team SA in New York in the International Performing Arts Championships after competing in the national round of Talent Africa.

Connor joins Antelle Myers, Ridan Oberoi and Karabo Nkambule from Dance Fusion with Sharron Kavanagh Potgieter, who has been selected as team SA.

Team SA from Dance Fusion Dance School: Ridam Oberoi, Karabo Nkambule and Connor Walker. Photo: Jeanette du Plooy

Connor’s mother, Jeanette du Plooy, said the 18-year-old has developed and excelled in dancing over the last few years.

“It is a blessing to witness.

“On behalf of the dancers from Dance Fusion, we would like to thank Sharron for her dedication and commitment. This has made these dancers work hard and excel beyond expectation. Connor would also like to thank family and friends who have made this trip possible,” she said.

She said he is a testament to being courageous and brave in the face of adversity.

“As a family, we are extremely proud of him and it is not just because of his dance awards and accolades, but because he has shown inspirational spirit and passion,” Du Plooy said.

Connor Walker in action. Photo: Eventful Media

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