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Best wallpaper patterns to spruce up your home

Wallpaper has evolved to suit a variety of different aesthetic tastes. Here’s everything you need to know about finding the right wallpaper for your space.

Wallpaper has been thought of as an interior design trend from the 60s, but just like all trends, it’s made its way back around to modern times. This time, instead of retro patterns that are bold and bright, wallpaper has evolved to suit a variety of different aesthetic tastes. Here’s everything you need to know about finding the right wallpaper for your space.

How to find the right wallpaper for your home

Consider the type of room you’re decorating and make sure the wallpaper matches

Before choosing a wallpaper pattern for your home, you need to make sure it matches the style of the room you’re placing it in. Florals and pastel tones work for romantic decorating styles, whereas geometric shapes that make a bold statement are perfect for ultra-modern spaces.

Consider how you’ll place the wallpaper

You can choose to cover all four of your walls with wallpaper or choose one wall to become a feature wall. Alternatively, adding some wallpaper to your ceiling is also a great way to spruce up your home.

Always check what type of backing the wallpaper has

The backing of a wallpaper determines whether you can easily strip it in future. It’s recommended that you use non-woven backings as they are easily strippable and easy to apply as they don’t need to be soaked before application like regular wallpapers.

Opt for large patterns as opposed to small patterns

Large patterns will be easier to match up than small patterns.

Decide between textured patterns or flat patterns

Textured patterns are great if you would like to add some dimension to your space and cover up imperfections whereas flat patterns are recommended if you’re looking for detailing and intricate designs.

Wallpaper patterns to choose in 2021


Floral wallpaper will never go out of trend. It’s stood the test of time and is great for pastel tones and warm aesthetics.

Here’s an example of how to decorate a room with floral wallpaper: Tropical

The banana palm themed wallpaper is a classic example of tropical wallpaper. Other popular examples include the areca palm and other exotic plants, as well as patterns that will leave your home feeling as though you’re on a tropical island.

Have a look at the video below for how to install a tropical wallpaper: Geometric designs Enter Alt Tag Here Geometric designs make almost any space look stunning. They provide a contemporary touch that can elevate your space and make it look chic on a budget.

Textured designs Enter Alt Tag Here Textured wallpaper is a great way to add dimension into your space. Sometimes geometric designs are incorporated with textured designs to emphasise the 3D effect.

Abstract patterns Enter Alt Tag Here Abstract patterns are inspired by the Impressionist movement. They are a great choice for artistic people or those who wish to liven up a space with colour.

Consider installing any one of the 5 wallpapers above to spruce up your home.

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