Illegal dumping a nightmare for locals

The market potential value of properties in the area is reportedly being severely prejudiced by heavy illegal dumping in the area.

Municipal by-laws clearly state that no person shall leave anything under his control at a place where such a thing has been brought with the intention of abandoning it.

Any person who contravenes this provision shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding R2 000 or to imprisonment, or both.

Despite the by-laws, continuous uncontrolled illegal dumping on the side of the road of JG Strydom along Delphinium Street in Ward 94 has offenders walking away without repercussions.

This is after a waste transfer station in Hennie Alberts Street was closed on July 8, 2008, by an order of the court.

Affected residents confirm that the closure led to illegal dumping in the open field, bringing criminal elements to surrounding areas. For years, residents in the neighbouring area, Mayberry Park and Brackenhurst had to endure this environmental contamination.

According to a member of the Brackenhurst Community Forum, potential purchasers are turning away from purchasing property in the area as soon as they view the dumping.

Ward 94 Clr Samantha Nair condemns illegal dumping.

“Since 2008 three past DA ward councillors have fought for this matter without any success. Numerous requests to the council to stop the illegal dumping have been blatantly ignored by the council for many years. We have noted with residents the environmental contamination of air, ground and groundwater,” he said.

Ward 94 Clr Samantha Nair strongly condemned the illegal dumping and said some companies were to be blamed for this illegal dumping.

“This is creating another crime area. When I asked the MMC about the problem, he suggested we turn the plot into a car wash or vegetable garden,” she said.

EMPD spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Kelebogile Thepa assured the Alberton Record that there were and will still be efforts from them to resolve or curb the environmental contamination.

Rubble seen on the side of the road of JG Strydom along Delphinium Street.

“We are certain that the CoE’s Waste Department would have more information about the closure at the transfer station. The issue could be resolved if the place or site could be barricaded by a relevant department. As the EMPD we will continue to issue out written notices to offenders caught red-handed,” she explained.

Together with other law enforcers, Thepa said they will conduct operations on that spot to reduce the problem.
On July 12 and 19, she said they visited the place and citations were issued to offenders.

CoE spokesperson Zweli Dlamini, said, “The matter was brought to our attention as a city. It has since been directed to the relevant department for the necessary intervention.”

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