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Skeen Primary is ‘burgled’ weekly

ALEXANDRA –DA expressed worry on conditions of some Alex schools.


The Democratic Alliance’s member of the provincial legislature and shadow MEC for education, Khume Ramulifho expressed concern on challenges facing some of Alex’s schools.

This was during a spot-check he conducted one early morning last week as part of monitoring public service delivery. At Pholosho Junior Secondary School his visit coincided with the late coming of some pupils who were still streaming in as the first classes of the day ended.

A similar concern was also observed nearby Minerva Secondary School. While he noted that the school of 46 teachers and 1 419 schoolchildren had a good and clean infrastructure and kitchen, its library was dysfunctional, has outdated books and has no librarian. It obtained a 62.9 per cent pass rate last year and aims for 80 per cent this year, despite the lack of adequate support in mathematics, physical science and accounting.

At Skeen Primary School, which has 1 522 children, he noted numerous safety and security challenges. It is seemingly burgled almost every week and cases reported to the police but, there have been no arrests or convictions.

Ceilings and windows in many classrooms are broken allegedly by thieves who steal exercise books, textbooks and white paper, allegedly for recycling.

Also, the maintenance is poor as money allocated for this purpose is used to replace the stolen items. Ramilifho also noted that in some cases, three children shared a desk, others shared chairs with teachers and the staff room also needs furniture.

Details: Charity Moyo 011 498 5618.

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