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Happy International Mother Language Day

International mother language day promotes linguistic, diversity and multiculturalism to end indigenous languages dying out.

The day may be a tongue twister but the importance is evident with a dedicated day for mother languages. 

The idea for International Mother Language Day stems from promoting linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. It was initiated by Bangladesh and approved by the United Nations, Education, Science and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) in 1999.

The day hopes to educate, promote and end stereotypes that some languages and their culture have.

South Africa has 11 official languages. Here are some translations of the word news in a few of our official languages:

  • isiZulu: Indaba
  • isiXhosa: Iindaba
  • SeSotho: Madireng
  • Setswana: Dikang
  • Afrikaans: Nuus
  • Tshivenda: Mafhungo.

This is how people around the world are promoting the day on Twitter:



According to Herald Global on Twitter, a study suggests that about 50 per cent of 7 000 global languages are set to die out.

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