LIVE UPDATES: IEC has finalised results of 8.9 million votes so far

PRETORIA – IEC to audit results.

Update: 9 May, 2.15pm

The IEC has finalised the results of 8.9 million votes from 13 731 of the 22 924 voting stations.

Update: 9 May, 2.15pm

IEC CEO Sy Mamabolo has announced that the commission will urgently conduct an audit of results and votes casts to ascertain if alleged multiple voting did indeed occur.

Mamabolo was briefing the media at the IEC Results Centre in Pretoria on 9 April.

“The audit will involve the capture of information showing the ID numbers of voters who cast votes at each voting stations from the zip-zip scanners,” said Mamabolo.

He pleaded with South Africans to be patients as they work hard to announce the final results.


Update: 9 May, 10.30am

As the counting of votes continues, the ANC has kept a safe position in Gauteng so far with just above 50 per cent votes preventing it from being toppled by a possible coalition government.

By early this morning, the ANC was sitting at 51. 83 per cent with 210 606 votes, followed by the DA at 106 698 votes with 26. 6 per cent and the EFF at 56 564 votes with 13.92 per cent. Spokesperson for the DA, Solly Molotsi, said the party was hoping for the ANC to obtain less than 50 per cent which could open doors for the DA to take over through possible multi-party government.

“We are upbeat about our prospects of retaining the Western Cape and making sure that we bring the ANC to less than 50 per cent votes in Gauteng. That has always been our electoral objective. We are looking at making sure that we become the majority party in Gauteng or look at the prospect of a coalition government,” he said.

However, spokesperson for the ANC, Dakota Legoete, said they were confident that they would retain power in the province. “With the work that we have put in, we are confident including in Gauteng, which is a province that we did very badly in 2016 [during the local government elections], particularly losing two Metros. But we are confident that our people have once again learned the hard lessons like we did. Because part and parcel of the problems were self-inflicted. We would appreciate, as the ANC, if we emerge in these elections with an overwhelming victory,” said Legoete.

Political analyst Somadoda Fikeni has conceded that the ANC would retain power in the province, although, he also predicted that it might have a slight decline below the 50 per cent bench mark. “It is unlikely that the DA would topple the ANC because it’s a distant second and also EFF has indicated that they will not cooperate with the DA. Any coalition that would topple the ANC would need not only EFF and DA working together but a collection of other small parties. Should the ANC get slightly under 50 per cent, it would likely form a coalition with the smaller party and not the bigger ones,” he said.

The Freedom Front Plus sits comfortably at number four with 16 375 votes at 3.80 per cent, followed by the ACDP at number five with 3 161 votes at 0.74 per cent.

The Islamic Al Jama-ah party which is contesting Gauteng for the first time in these elections have scored 1 296 votes at 0.30 per cent placing it number seven in the province following IFP with 2 589 votes with 0.66 per cent at number 6.

Initial report, 9 May, 8am

The results of the 2019 National and Provincial Elections are slowly trickling in.

By 8.30am this morning, 9 May, the national results stood as follows:

ANC – 51.52 per cent

DA – 21.98 per cent

EFF – 13.45 per cent

The ANC was also leading in most provinces by 8.30am this morning, with percentages ranging between 51 per cent and a high of 71 per cent which was in Limpopo, while the DA sat on 57.32 per cent.

Caxton Local Media’s Joburg North Branch journalists Lungile Dube and Thabo Jobo have spent the night at the centre and are reporting on the results as they update.

Here is who they caught up with at the centre during the course of the night:

The IEC held its first press briefing last night:


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