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Alex Open Market to host an event that is aimed at helping local SMMEs to grow their businesses

ALEXANDRA– Zulu said the motive of Alex Open Market was to circulate the economy in the black market, and to build a relationship and trust between consumers and small businesses.

In their quest to help local SMMEs build sustainable and successful businesses, the founders of Annual Alex Open Market have urged entrepreneurs submit their business profiles and attend workshops that will prepare their businesses for this year’s open market event.

The annual event which is aimed at giving local entrepreneurs a platform to engage with consumers will be held on 2 May in Alexandra at Art Market, 12th Avenue next to Thusong Youth Centre.

One of the founders of the Open Market, Israel Matseke Zulu said they were concerned about large amounts of money being spent outside of the township and they saw a need to create a platform that will help local businesses build relationships among each other.

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“The imperative motive of Alex Open Market is to circulate the economy among the black market, to build a relationship and trust between consumers and small businesses,” he said. “It’s concerning to see people opting to spend their money outside the township for something that is available in the community stores, meaning that they don’t trust the quality of our work and our service delivery. This will then be an opportunity to bridge that gap.

“We believe SMMEs have the potential to drive the economic growth and employment in the township. However, this potential is not being realised. Beyond that, we are looking to expose Alexandra talent and build support among each other.”

The workshops will be held at Umoya Fashion Market in Thusong Youth Centre from 5 March to 23 April.

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